Ibiza and Formentera Marine Plasma Co. is a family eco enterprise related to the sea, the values of health and the protection to the environment.

We are always focus

with the quality of our product

We carry out numerous microbiological and chemical quality tests from the extraction zone to the final product.

The analyses have different parameters, following the Spanish and European Union directives that regulate the processes of production and commercialization of prepared sea water for human consumption.

We do not use any chemical substance or material that may alter the original composition of the seawater.

Our cold ultrafiltration protocol give to our marine plasma the best sterilization and nutrient absorption, giving a high quality product and allowing rapid absorption of nutrients and reduction in dosage. 

We plead for the bio-sostenibility of natural resources, energetic saving, decrease of the consumption of drinkable water and respect to the environment in all the stages. 




Structuring seawater provides a molecular coherence, restoring its optimum condition for the development of its primary function: maximum hydration and assimilation of minerals.


The protocol of capture and extraction, along with cold ultra-filtration systems and the non-use of materials that change the chemical and physical composition of seawater make it a highest quality product.



Ibiza underwater treasure

The prestige and the recognition of our products comes from the quality of the raw material: excellent hyper oxygenated seawater by the Posidonia's Meadows and by the marine currents that contribute to the purity and clarity of the water, which has made famous Ibiza and Formentera's sea.

The Posidonia (wrongly known as seaweed) is a plant adapted to life underwater. Commonly known as Neptune grass, is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea and is known to be 100.000 years old, being the oldest species in the biosphere.

The Posidonia fields in Ibiza and Formentera have been recognized by de UNESCO and declared world heritage site in 1999. They have been called “the lungs of the Mediterranean” because it is one of the most important sources of oxygen provided to waters (they produce 14 to 20 liters of oxygen per square meters every day).

The Posidonia meadows supports a wide variety of animal species that use these habitats for breeding, feeding and shelter. It gives protection to the plankton, increases the oxygen and ph levels and gives fully nutrients, minerals and trace elements to the water. It is considered to be a species indicator for the overall quality of sea water since it is very sensitive to pollution and can only grow in clean and unpolluted waters. 



Best mineral supplement

We collect sea water in the sea, in privileged sites for its high stability in the composition of minerals. Sites where sea currents keep the seawater clean and in constant salinity, where sea currents are of a circular type called vortex. 

Multi Layer Image
Multi Layer Image

There are large concentrations of plankton, first food chain form on Earth, along with plants, capable of transforming, through a process called marine biocenosis, non bioavailable minerals into bioavailable elements, fully comparable to the water of our body .

This Seawater is called MARINE PLASMA.

Marine plasma is when the plankton - phytoplankton- activate the seawater making their minerals more bioavailable and with a more absorbable molecular structure. This could only happen in special sites, in the deepest of the open sea, where a high plankton concentration is found. With our boat we look for the best plankton sites, where we test every site and we collect our marine plasma. It’s a natural, raw and organic derivative of sea plankton bloom vortex.

Under very specific conditions of light, temperature, weather and  marine currents conditions the sea forms enormous vortexes , stirring up rich minerals that rarely mix with the upper layer of sea water. It is within  in this vortex that the plankton bloom thrives, leaving behind a fluid of bioactive minerals, amino acids, unmodified RNA, antioxidants,  and healthy fatty acids.

The plankton activates and structures this bio nutrients into a living matrix that supports a life explosion.

The ocean contains the homeostatic blueprint of life

The nutritional and genetic information found in the marine plasma may “recharge” the extra-cellular fluid, enhancing cellular communication

Maintaining an optimal internal environment or biological terrain is very important to conserve a healthy body, therefore homeostasis must be kept constant. Whenever there is a chronic deficiency or excess of any critical nutrient, pathology is not far behind.

Many nutritional supplements may balance out one polarity while negatively affecting another, the amount of energy it takes to absorb, assimilate, and eliminate a nutritional product is often greater than the energy gained by the product itself. The majority of most mineral supplements are poorly absorbed, leaving the intestines, liver, and kidneys to eliminate the unassimilated portions, which further dehydrates and acidifies the body. 


The Marine Plasma is taken up by the intestines through passive diffusion. Since the organic minerals and marine co-factors have been 'pre-digested' by the plankton, they do not require active digestion as a pre-requisite for assimilation. 

Marine Plasma gives to the body a gradual replacement, an organic regeneration of the internal environment, with all the minerals and trace elements in perfect synergy, in a natural and active form producing a normalization of electrolytes of the interstitial fluid and the blood. 



The Marine Plasma contains a full spectrum of minerals, trace elements and organic micronutrients as they develop under natural sea conditions, becoming an excellent dietary mineral supplement.

Basic Axes of Action 

General Biological Effects

Recharge of hydro-electrolytes thanks to its mineral ions. 

Regulates the enzyme function and helps to improve the metabolic and immunological function. 

Regenerates the cells by bringing back its homeostatic balance and provides the necessary materials for its own reparation. 

Homeostatic Regulator: achieved through physiological law of osmosis.

Electrolyte Replenisher: natural substitute for synthetic isotonic saline. 

Ionic Balancer: achieved through extra-cellular fluid balance. Restoration of biological terrain. 


The Marine Plasma contains a full spectrum of minerals, trace elements and organic micronutrients as they develop under natural sea conditions, becoming an excellent dietary mineral supplement.

Basic Axes of Action 

Recharge of hydro-electrolytes thanks to its mineral ions. 

Regulates the enzyme function and helps to improve the metabolic and immunological function. 

Regenerates the cells by bringing back its homeostatic balance and provides the necessary materials for its own reparation. 

General Biological Effects

Homeostatic Regulator: achieved through physiological law of osmosis.

Electrolyte Replenisher: natural substitute for synthetic isotonic saline. 

Ionic Balancer: achieved through extra-cellular fluid balance. Restoration of biological terrain. 

There are several ways to drink Marine Plasma


Best Drinkable Minerals and Trace Mineral Dietary Supplement


It is drunk directly without diluting. This way, like mouth rinsing, we will keep the water in the mouth and mix it with our saliva, in order to isotonize the Marine Plasma, then we will swallow it and that will be our first drink of Marine Plasma, in a conscious and healthy way. 

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We drink in small doses (30 ml) and we could spread during the day. Better on an empty stomach in the morning, it can also be taken in the afternoon after workout. Marine Plasma contains approximately about four times more of minerals than our inner plasma (sea water 36 gr/l versus internal plasma 9 gr/l.) and this is the main reason why we must drink it in small doses. 


Diluted, a part of Marine Plasma by three of mineral natural water (proportion 1 to 4, 30ml of Marine Plasma, 90ml of mineral water). A drink is isotonic when it contains the same particulate concentration as blood. In order to do that we will diluted in a bottle or a glass Marine Plasma with a mineral natural water.

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Vigorous exercise helps promote healthy body but it can also make you sweat one to three quarts of fluid during intense workouts, which can lead to loss of important minerals and dehydration. Isotonic drinks replace those nutrients and fluids quickly, helping to prevent exercise-related injuries and illness.


It can mineralize juices, shakes and all type of drinks, by adding between 2-3 % of Marine Plasma to them (for example, add a tea spoon of Ibiza and Formentera Marine Plasma in a glass of fresh orange and carrot juice or in a delicious green detox juice). 



Vacuum filling

For its greater hygiene.

Crystal container

Glass container for greater conservation of the product. 

Ultra filtered

With less quantity more minerals are absorbed and in a more efficient way, being a more natural process. With this filtration the doses could go down to six times than with the micro filtered sea water.

Marine Plasma is a supplement and no a substitute for healthy diet or any treatment and doctor diagnose.

Drinking Ibiza and Formentera Marine Plasma is a nutritional complement and it is, in no case, a substitute for mineral natural water. 

Use for a rapid mineralization and alkalization through direct intake with a minimum amount of product.

The maximum recommended dose per person per day is 50 ml (except in certain cases, consult your doctor or health professional).

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